Here's an awsome contest for you guys especially football fever fans!


VOTE for whichever country you think will win and stand a chance to walk away with huge prize.


For the country with the most numbers of votes at the end of the contest on June 6,

@BodogAsia will place a wager of RM65,000 on that country


If the most voted country wins the world cup in Brazil, 

the prize money will be shared among all participants.

For example:

If Honduras with winning odds of 2501 wins the world cup, a total of USD50 MILLION will be given as prize money to all players.


Joining is very simple & im sure it wont take long time.

Step 1: Log on to http://bit.ly/fcbodog8

Step 2: Choose the country that you think will win

Step 3: Key in your email & Click submit

Step 4: Log in to your mailbox & Verify the email


Thats all!

easy right?


For your reference, you may refer to the screenshot above icon_wink.gif


As im germany fans, i had voted for them for sure!

Feel free to share with me which 1 is your favourite team too icon_biggrin.gif  



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