today imma good good girlicon_cool.gif 

automatic helps my daddy at shop

just for TODAY


2012-05-13 21.10.01

Before dinner snap some pics at homeicon_biggrin.gif


2012-05-13 21.09.17

i heard my feifei tell me she also wan to take nice pic~

thats y i help her too~~~xp


between my YY din come back for few days d



2012-05-13 21.45.08

had our dinner at pancake house

the food here taste good

1st time eat pancake


2012-05-13 21.46.52

cute pose by daddy


2012-05-13 21.49.35

3of us wearing the same colour of cloths 2day =D 


before back home i brought a mini skirt

super duper happy


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  • charlotte
  • hii elaine, 你的眼睛变有神了~请问下可以教教秘诀吗?还是有什么好瞳孔片和彩妆介绍呢~
  • hi, 以前我会带有颜色的 contact lens, 现在带普通透明的而已。 我很少带眼镜

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